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Can I bleach or color treat my unit or bundles?   
  • Yes, if you plan to bleach or color your hair or unit, we recommend getting it done professionally to avoid hair damage. We are not liable for any hair damage caused by inappropriate bleaching or coloring.
Do I need to pluck the hairline or bleach the knots of my unit?
  • Unless otherwise stated, the unit will include a customized hairline (softly plucked), lightly bleached knots, and your choice of baby hairs. Please read the unit descriptions carefully!
What are the differences between lace frontal and lace closure?
  • Lace frontal - units are available in 13x4 or 13x6 frontal and bundle sizes.
  • Lace closure - units can be constructed with 4x4, 5x5, or 6x6 lace closures.

How do I find out what size my head is for my unit? 

  • Easy! Grab your measuring tape first, then braid or smooth your hair into ponytail to ensure it is flat.
  • Next, you'll need to take three separate measurements for your lace frontal and lace closure units.
  • Finally, include those measurements in the "special instructions for seller" area during checkout. 

What should I do if my lace doesn't match my skin?

  • Apply some of your foundation or cosmetic powder on a flat foundation brush and softly press it into the lace inside the unit.
How long will my wig last?
  • The manner your unit is cared for and kept while not in use determines its longevity.
  • If properly maintained, the unit can survive for over two years.
  • If the lace on your lace frontal or lace closure unit is balding, clients have the option of replacing the frontal or closure, which can extend the life of the wig significantly.
I'm new to wearing wigs, which is best for me?
  • Face-to-face consultations with the owner of WE Luxe Collection, who specializes in creating secure custom wigs for all, are available in our private suite. "SEE CONSULTATION TAB"
  • A custom lace closure unit is also an option. Our custom closure units are suitable for beginners.
  • Clients may just slip on the wig and go with a custom closure unit. Clients are free to wear any custom wig they desire, and they are not required to purchase a custom lace closure unit recommended by WE Luxe Collection.
Should I expect shedding?
  • All hair sheds! When styling your unit, it is critical that clients are gentle with the unit and maintain it by adequately moisturizing.
  • Because bleached knots damage the hair, it is critical that you treat and maintain your lace with care.
How do I apply these units?
  • All of our custom units include our signature adjustable elastic band, combs, and some with adjustable straps, so they're ready to wear from the moment they arrive!
  • For a firmer grip or to help melt the lace, clients can use mousse, gel, or hairspray.
What size closures and frontals do the custom units come with? 
  • Clients can select custom units with 4x4 or 5x5 closures.
  • Frontals that are 13x4 or 13x6.
I’m having trouble checking out, can you help me?
  • Yes! If clients encounter any technical difficulties throughout the checkout process, they should immediately contact weluxecollection@gmail.com.
  • Please include "ISSUE" in the subject line of your email for a quick response and resolution.
I sent an email, but haven't gotten a response. Do I need to re-send?
  • Please allow up to 24-36 hours for an email response.
  • Response times are often faster, however please let the specified time before re-sending while this may create delay.
  • Please re-send if you have not heard back within 48 hours after sending an email.